Yoga & Benefits Of Yoga

There are lots of benefits of Yoga but here we're going to talk about only main benefits of Yoga. Yoga is the best way to keep your body and mind healthy. If you do yoga regularly for at 3-6 months, you can see amazing results. Long practice of Yoga can give you lots of benefits such as powerful mind, spirituality, attractive & flexible body, amazing mental peace and more. In this article, you can see some main benefits of Yoga.

The main benefit of Yoga is making perfect in every stage of our life. Yoga makes us strong in our mental and physical life. To understand benefits of Yoga, you can divide it in three parts that are-

( i ) Physical Benefits ( Scientifically proven )
( ii ) Mental Benefits ( Scientifically proven )
( iii ) Spiritual Benefits ( Currently our science is not able to research on this topic )

(i) Physical Benefits - Most of people do Yoga to get only physical benefits but Yoga is not only for physical benefits. Physical benefit is the first stage benefit of Yoga practice. If you do yoga regularly, you can get lots of important physical benefits such as - Disease free life, attractive & strong body, flexibility in your body.

(ii) Mental Benefits - Yoga is the best method to get mental peace, powerful & sharp mind. Yoga practice can give you quick result in mental stage. Only 5 to 10 minutes practice of Meditation or Deep Breathing can give amazing mental peace. If you are doing Yoga for mental benefits, you must give more time on Pranayamas ( Breathing exercises ) and Meditation because both of these Yoga practice can give you quick result in mental problems.

( iii ) Spiritual Benefits - The ultimate goal of Yoga Practice. Yoga connects you with your soul and divine power. Yoga Practice is not only a way to cure diseases but also useful in bringing happiness and spirituality. If you want to do Yoga practice mainly for getting spiritual benefits, you have to give more time on Meditation. When you meditate your mind at least 30 minutes to 1 hour in the morning, you can feel some changes from the first day but when do it daily , you can get lots of benefits.

If you are an Indian, you can watch this video in Hindi to know some main benefits of Yoga & Meditation.

Yoga & Benefits of Yoga By Baba Ramdev ( in Hindi )

2nd part of the video

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